Bus Ministry

The Lord has blessed us with His bus for His Street Ministry.


“MERCY”- God’s Love and Kindness

Ron and Janice Cariere @ 204-669-7620


Bus in operaton

After Ron brought the bus back to Winnipeg from Sheri and Jonathon’s home where they both painted the mission name and the website on the bus. When Ron parked the bus at its usual place about two weeks ago, it woud not restart. Ron worked on it for several days and could not get it to started.  Dorey  came into Winnipeg Saturday August 18, 2012 and was able to help Ron get the bus to operate properly. Praise God!!! We are planning our first Bus Ministry meeting on Wednesday August 23, 2012 at 7 PM. Please pray that the Lord will see that this happens and that the street people will respond by attending. We will meet at the same location on Main St. and Jarvis.