Prison Ministry Testimonies

April 29, 2013

Hi my name is Jacque Larente

I’ve been serving already 44 years in jail. I am a lifer but not a loser. At a very young age I’ve been abused, sexually and emotionally. At a very young age I was a drop-out of school and wasn’t listening to my parents. At age 14 year old I was a robber, hanging around bikers (Popeye) now Hell’s Angels; went to jail at 16 years old and inside the cell I became rock and roll. My believing at that time was in myself. In jail I was involved in 8 hostage takings and was involved in two major riots at St. Vincent at Paul Quebec.

In Jail I met with mob like the Patriache Rizzoto, Ton Mucci notorious mob in Montreal; done time with all the FLQ members. I’ve been 12 years in the S.H.W. special handling unit. I tried to kill myself and at the hospital an angel came to visit me. Before everybody gave up on me; my parole officers at S.H.W. told me I was a monster. Psychiatrists from Pivil institution in Montreal did a report that I was a Psychopath, and recommended to never let me out of special unit.
Now I am in lower medium security and they are talking to transfer me eventually in minimum. Since I gave my life to Jesus in 1999 things start happening, no more violence for me. Soon I will publish a book called the Golden Boy.

From a monster God make gold with me. If I change anybody could change. I recently believe God mountains because he move aside the mountain of violence I was too a gold mine. Amen

Jacques Larente
Stony Mountain
Winnipeg, Mb Canada