Christmas 2011

Winnipeg Christian Holiness Mission Inc.
Ron and Janice Carriere
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November 30.2011

Merry Christmas to all our precious families in Christ,

Jesus the absolute story, the most miraculous gift, and the blessed hope of all who believe. “Thanks be unto God for his unspeakable gift.” (2 Corinthians 9:15) One word that is on people’s minds at this special time of the year is, “gifts”. Buying gifts for each other or exchanging gifts; but the greatest gift of all is when Jesus gave Himself on that old rugged cross for your sin and mine that each one of us could be pardoned and sanctified as we live in obedience to His divine will. The only gift that He wants from us all is:

What can I give Him poor as I am
If I was a shepherd I would give Him a lamb
If I was a wise man I would do my part
What can I give Him
Give Him my HEART

Each day as Janice starts her prayer she thanks Jesus for all the natural resources – heat, lights, water, flushing toilet; than essential needs – roof over our heads, food on our table, clothes on our back; shoes on our feet, a comfortable bed to sleep in and a pillow to lay her head on. Some people in the world are not so fortunate but are lacking in some of these basic needs and natural resources. May our precious Lord Jesus remind us to be thankful every day for all that we have; for what He is doing for each of our lives and to realize that Jesus is the reason for the season. Thank God for the gift; breath of life.

Ron and I are very thankful to Jesus for the many gifts He already gave us this past year; as much flour as we need to make the bannock for the less fortunate on the street that are closest to the heart of God. (Matthew 25:35) “For I was hungered, and ye gave me meat: I was thirsty, and ye gave me drink: I was a stranger and ye took me in.” Praise Jesus! There is a place to park the bus once it gets in operation, half a block from our home the manager at the Good will store said yes. Their organization already donated many back packs for the street people. There were KJV Study Bibles and holiness literature that was donated to us for hungry souls that want to know more about Jesus. Ron and I started distributing holiness preaching CD’s from Brother Hatfield’s God anointed messages to whoever would like to grow more in the Lord. Even though Janice and I struggled this past summer financially (minimal support); Jesus still seen fit to send us in a whole cow, a banana box of beets, which Janice made 36 pints of beets. Jesus never fails when we are faithful to Him. He is faithful to the faithful!!

Each answer to prayer is also a gift from God. Another specific prayer; Brother Ron and Sister
Anita Favell joined our organization as two more directors. God made a way for us to attend most of the camp at Weslyan Holiness Campmeeting in Orleans, Indiana. Our grandson Baba came along with us to camp. The services were heaven sent with Bro. Light and Bro. Atwell. It was so encouraging to be able to spend a lot of time in prayer in the early morning prayer meeting in the chapel and women’s prayer meeting before the services interceding for lost souls.

Praise God for how He is helping the guys at the prison and after praying for almost two years God seen fit to open the door for altar call service once a month with the native group volunteers. In October 4 or 5 guys went forward for prayer. We are so inspired how Marcel is getting closer to God. Recently he kept asking Janice if she was praying for him. He said when he gets out he wants to come and join us in our services and talk to the people. In June Edward started to join us in our prayer and fellowship group. He is selling out for Jesus and he is taking a minister’s Bible study chorus.

Thank the Lord for His protection and faithfulness during the street meetings. Janice was preaching on Acts (19:8 – 20) sharing how God has power to deliver demons out of people. Edward who was demon-possessed came forward and was crying out for deliverance. While we prayed with him we saw the power of God at work in our midst. Another time Janice was preaching, one huge man came right up to her and said he had the devil in him. At that some street meeting, one man had a very peaceful presence; possibly an angel unaware. Janice and I had a wonderful opportunity to lead one woman, Sandy back to Jesus. She admitted that she backslid and got involved in false religion. She couldn’t stop thanking us. To God all glory and praise!! Steven and Charles just recently got out of prison and they are coming over to our home for Bible Study and are helping us on the street. Ron and I were very privileged to have Brother and Sister Hays help us on the street and come to the prison chapel with us this fall.

Once again we appreciate all your fervent prayers for us here, and blessings you were lead by Jesus to shower us with. We love & appreciate you all.

We went to look at a building recently. It would be very idealistic for this ministry. It is just up the street where we have our street meetings. It is for sale. We are in great need of funds for it but God knows what we need. Where God guides!!! God provides!! We have access to a heavenly bank account that is unlimited. God owns the cattle on a thousand hills and all the wheat (flour) too!! We hope for those things we see not. If it is God’s will it will work out!!!!! It will be twenty years in the new we have been reaching out to the homeless people from the back of our vehicles.
Love and prayers,
Ron and Janice

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